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 We help thousands of people daily by protecting their privacy and identity online. Our job is to make online security fun and easy to use and we offer a range of unique services, from our web proxy enabling you to surf the web anonymously. Use our services to hide from hackers, insecure networks, online identity theft and much more.



 The best free proxy on the web. Become anonymous online with just one mouse click; our free proxy works within your web browser and hides your IP address (online 'fingerprint') for every website you visit. Hide behind our IP address, access blocked websites, encrypt your web history, protect your identity and add another layer of security onto your internet connection simply by using our free proxy.



 Use our anonymous search to hide your Google search history and browse search results anonymously. Google stores your search history and any websites you visit will be stored in your temporary internet files, but by using this free search feature you can protect your privacy with ease



Advanced VPN software which encrypts your entire internet connection. Works with all applications which require an internet connection with no extra configuration needed; just login and your entire internet connection will be encrypted and secured. Select from a range of countries worldwide, including USA, UK, CA, SE and NL. Protecting your online identity has never been so easy.

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